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Drew The Lonely Dragon


A Grief Book for Kids 

Fact: There are moms and dads out there who are dying. They can't bear to imagine their kids going on without them, but they no longer have a choice in the matter. Life deals shit cards sometimes. Adults have more time to acclimate to the idea of death, but when death comes knocking on a child's door, the confusion, sadness, and anger can be hard to contend with when your emotional wiring hasn't even had time to set up fully.


I can't imagine what it's like for a parent to tell their child they're dying or a loved one to tell a 5-year old that someone they love is gone.


Some families are looking for a way to help their children understand that it will be okay, even after they are gone. No one plans to tell a child; their mom, dad, grandma, brother... is gone. No one plans to tell their own son or daughter that they won't be around much longer. No one plans to have a talk about death with a 4-year-old.


I hope this book bridges that difficult gap and provides loving support for every person dealing with this situation. I hope that at least one child out there reads "Drew The Lonely Dragon" and feels a little less lonely because of it.


Drew discovers that his mother's love will always be with him even though she can't be. With the help of a princess and a furry swirl of characters, Drew finds his fire and a whole new outlook. 


Death doesn't need to be so scary for kids because Drew can be their sidekick. He's the friend that can make them feel safe amidst the darkness.


This won't be a book for everyone, but it will be the go-to book for a kid who is experiencing grief. It is my hope that one child will sleep a little easier tonight because"Drew The Lonely Dragon" will be by their side.


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